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Tennis Elbow

Contrary to popular belief, most patients diagnosed with tennis elbow are not actually involved in racquet sports. However, tennis elbow affects roughly half of those individuals who do play racquet sports. Most people treated for tennis elbow are involved in some type of repetitive activity, and weak or imbalanced muscles can contribute to the onset of symptoms. The condition involves the degeneration of the tendon attached to the bony portion of the elbow joint. This tendon is responsible for wrist and hand extension, and is most commonly seen in patients aged 30 to 60.

Symptoms of tennis elbow include:

Pain when attempting over-the-head activities.

Burning/pain along the outside of the elbow.

Pain is worse when gripping or lifting objects.

Pain radiates into the forearm.

Morning stiffness.

Gripping and movements of the wrist hurt, especially wrist extension and lifting.

Treatment options may include stretching exercises, orthopaedic rehabilitation and anti-inflammatory medication. Surgery is only recommended for patients suffering from extreme, debilitating pain that is unresponsive to non-operative treatments.