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We are one of the select orthopaedic groups in the country to provide this revolutionary treatment.

Lipogems uses the body’s own fat cells to aid in healing. Fat tissue is vital to your body’s health and well-being; it is used as an energy source, insulates and cushions your body, and is essential to the proper function of your nerves and muscles.

The Lipogems process may offer a minimally-invasive alternative to surgery and may improve post-operative healing in cases where surgery is still necessary. When used in combination with orthopaedic medicine, Lipogems supports a healing environment to help aid in the repair, replacement, reconstruction, and support of damaged or injured tissues. Individual results may vary.*


I was totally stressed out about missing the whole season. Lipogems helped me get back in the game — fast.

I had no idea that this procedure would be so quick and painless. I’m feeling so much better already.

I couldn’t afford to be off work recuperating after surgery. The Lipogems treatment helped me get back to work right away.